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Sri Lanka is inhabited by all four ruling orders of reptiles
An Introduction to reptile of Sri Lanka
The island Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian Ocean, south west of the Indian peninsula, between longitudes 79o 39’ and 81o 53’ E and latitudes 5o 54’ and 9o 52’ N, and has a total land area of 65,600 km2. The island is about 60 km from the southwestern tip of the India. And it contains a variety of habitats, from the hot, dry plains of the north, east and south, to the central mountains that ascend 2,524 m above mean sea level (Piduruthalagala). Major rivers in the island include Mahaweli River (335 km). The coast of Sri Lanka is fringed with sandbars and lagoons.

As has been noted by Cooray, 1967; Das, 1996 and Somasekaran, 1988, Sri Lanka bears many geological similarities with parts of the Indian peninsula. Read more...

Educational Programs
It’s a known fact that the REPTILES are very much threatened in Sri Lanka in different ways. Our team is about giving knowledge and help protecting our wild life. It has become a very important thing because .Read more.
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Reporting reptiles suffering and neglect
Reptiles are known to be threatened in Sri Lanka. Mostly threatened are the snakes due to humans & snakes come into conflict because some may enter human habitats. A scary image is usually brought to humans when the word "snakes" is uttered. Most fear them a lot. But the truth is that they fear us more than we fear them. The appearance of a snake may be scary but most of them are harmless. People tend to kill them most of the time, even without a life threat. Read more.
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