The Hummanya is also known as “blow hole” and it is known as the second largest in the unite of blow holes. It is a major attraction among travelers and tourists visiting the area and is well known for its inflammation view. It is located in Dikwella, Sri Lanka.

Distance from Airport : 209km


Dikwella is also good holiday destination. A visitors’ information center also built near by Blow Hole to help the visitors get better idea on what they are experiencing.

Around Hummanaya - Blow Hole, there are luxury accommodation with delicious sea food & beverages like famous Amanwella Hotel. You can experience wonderful time with swimming, sun bathing, surfing, Coral visiting, Diving, cultural visiting, cycling around rural ares, visiting temples etc.

Devinuwara(Dondra) Vishnu Temple, Matara VOC fort, Matara Star Fort, Turtle Hatchery - Hikkaduwa, Rumassala Hilltop, Weherahena Temple, Prawi Duwa Temple, Snake Farm, Kushtarajagala Statue & Kirinda Temple are the interesting & nearest location to visit around Blow Hole -Hummanaya

Hotels Nearest
Amanwella Hotel, Rocky Point Beach Bungalows Palm Paradise Cabanas, Dikwella Resort & Spa, Anantara Peace Heaven Tangalle Hotel, UTMT Underneath the Mango Tree, The Last House, Surya Graden Guesthouse, Beach House Hiriketiya, Kirinda Beach Resort, Laya Safari

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