Royal Palace Ruins

Royal Palace Ruins are locate din Nallur, Jaffna. It was the residence of Cinkai Ariyan Cekaracacekaran. The palace and a flower garden was built by a Tamil king named Koolanghai in 104 AD.

Distance from Airport:169


This Palace was glorious and surrounded by strong walls on all the four sides. The Royal Palace supported by lofty columns that were carved with ornamental designs. It consisted also of an upper storey, open Durbar for public audiences, large open courtyards, the Halls of Justice, Coronation Hall, Banquet Halls and an Audience Hall which was adorned with paintings and garlands of pearls. The Throne of great splendour was set with precious gems and priceless pearls was placed in the Coronation Hall. The state rooms which were supported by decorated pillars covered with gold, high containing terraces, windows and wide balconies faced toward the city. It was built for the Arasan to appear before the public on special occasions and during festivals. 

Around the Ruins of Royal Palace Jaffna there are good accommodation to stay. You can taste traditional Tamil food & beverages. As well as, you can experience boat rides, collecting souvenirs, Archeological studies, paintings, photography, Filming. etc.

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