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It’s a known fact that the REPTILES are very much threatened in Sri Lanka in different ways. Our team www.srilankareptiles.com is about giving knowledge and help protecting our wild life. It has become a very important thing because some animals are becoming extinct from the world specially the animals which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

We consider that our group together can play a great part in protecting wild life in Sri Lanka by giving our knowledge to you. We’re also glad to let you know that the experts who are always together with us will also help us in this process. So we are now ready to hold seminars about wild life & conservation around the island to acknowledge people. It is very unfortunate to say that not every one in the country understands the importance of it. www.srilankareptiles.com is now offering you a chance to help in this national duty of protecting reptiles & also you can also be a part of our conservation project & help to save many reptiles of Sri Lanka.

Please contact us for more details www.srilankareptile.com if you are interested in holding a seminar at your schools, institutions, young environmental associations, agricultural institutions ect. & give us the opportunity to share our knowledge with you all.  All the funds we collect by holding seminars will be donated to the conservation project that’s handled by us directly & we assure you that none of the funds raised by us are objected in achieving profit.

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