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Dear visitor,

Our team members together started the web site named www.srilankareptiles.com in the year 2005 which was able to capture the attention of many local & foreign students with lots of compliments. Considering them, we thought of expanding this site broadly & in a more completed manner including all reptiles found in Sri Lanka. This include photographs, classification, food, breeding, distribution, behavior ect of orders Serpentes, Crocodylidae, Testudines & Sourians. We also have the help of many experts on this field to make this web site a success.

There are web sites including information of any animal over the world but there are only very few web sites of biodiversity of Sri Lanka and also there are no web sites currently handled which are well maintained by experts of this field or any university. So far, no other in Sri Lanka were able to create a large successful site as this and this will become the first web site to represent the biodiversity of Sri Lanka. And also no country was so far able to cover a complete class of animals. Therefore, it becomes necessary to log in to this web site for any local/foreign explorers, zoologists, ecologists, who need information about these animals.

Our main objective is to add all the newest information & news about these animals as it happens & when it happens including all the details. So far we have used reports of past 3 years & also older reports of experts of this field to build our site. There are some animal species we have not been able to find information due to them being only classified, but not complete reports are yet released by the experiments that have been done & in some, the further experiments were not yet carried out. But we are obliged to include them as soon as this information reaches us.

Also due to the very unfortunate war situation in the country in North & East for the past 30 years, it has become hard to find clear information about reptiles in these areas. But we are glad to let you know that now we have hopes on carrying out our experiments in those areas & include the information in to the site in the near future.

We’re very glad to let you know that you also have the chance to join in our team & work together with us. Our team is very thankful to you for entering our website & we expect your support in the future as well.

Thank you.

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