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Autumn Leaf
  Doleschallia bisaltide Cramer, 1777
Scientific classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Arthropoda
Class : Insecta
Order : Lepidoptera
Family : Nymphalidae
Subfamily : Argynninae
Genus : Doleschallia
Species : D. bisaltide
Binomial name
  Doleschallia bisaltide Cramer, 1777

Doleschallia bisaltide ceylonica

Status in Sri Lanka
Host plant
  Plants belonging to Acanthaceae.
Nectaring Plants
  Ligustrum glomeratum
Similar species
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      This particular butterfly is found from the entire oriental region except south eastern China and Taiwan.  
    Color/ pattern  
    Male ♂   Female ♀
    Its underside surface of the wing has a shape somewhat like bright amber colored leaf, which one is accustomed to at fall; afford it a measure of camouflage in the low growing foliage which it likes to inhabit. Their undersides have an uncanny resemblance to a dead leaf, effectively hiding the rich orange upper side.   It is similar as the male.
    Identification characters of sexes  
      This butterfly occurs everywhere up to elevations of about 4 500 feet, but is by no means common. It exists mainly in the Uva Province.  

    It flies extremely quickly but often be seen on the sunny side of any jungle path, sitting proudly upon a leaf, and not moving unless really compelled to. Although the Autumn Leaf is not a shy butterfly, it is impossible to spot unless it is basking on the upper side of a leaf.

    Mechanisms to overcome threats  
    Ovum (Eggs)   Larvae (Caterpillar)
    Pupa (Chrysalis)   Imago (Winged Adult)
        Their undersides have an uncanny resemblance to a dead leaf, effectively hiding the rich orange upper side which the predators fail to see.
    Ovum (Eggs)
    Size :
    Number :
    Color :
    Time duration :

    Season :

    Larvae (Caterpillar)
    Size :
    Shape :
    Head with a pair of branched spines and the body segments have a dorsal and a lateral row of branched spines on each side.
    Color :
    Black, with two rows of dorsal white spots. The body has blue branched spines on each side.
    Time duration :
    Season :


    Pupa (Chrysalis)
    Size :
    Shape :
    constricted in the middle; head produced into two points.
    Color :
    Yellowish with numerous black spots;
    Time duration :
    Season :
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